Cellan Sheep Farmer Film Wins Welsh BAFTA

A film about the life of a Cellan sheep farmer has won a Welsh BAFTA.

Heart Valley, released in 2022, took top spot in the Short Film category at the recent BAFTA Cymru awards.

The film follows the life of 74-year-old Wilf Davies who has been running his small sheep farm just outside Lampeter for most of his life.

Heart Valley was made by London-based film maker Christian Cargill after reading a Guardian article about the farmer by journalist Kiran Sidhu who moved to Cellan from London and made friends with Wilf.

Cargill worked with a small team to make the film including Sidhu who wrote the film and Scottish multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper who provided the music.

The twenty minute film provides a fascinating insight into Wilf’s life tending his flock of 70 Plynlimon Speckle sheep.

His life is very much one of daily routines including eating the same evening meal of fish, onions, an egg and baked beans every day for the past 10 years.

After spending his early life working as a mechanic and builder Wilf achieved his dream of becoming a farmer when he bought his property on the hills overlooking Cellan thirty years ago.

Since then, despite having had a stroke just a few years back, he has kept to his routines of looking after his sheep and taking the bus to Aberystwyth once a week to do his shopping at Lidl.

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Wilf Davies in Heart Valley film
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